Friday, October 12, 2007

Some simple adjustments to some simple stats

Forget about me saying that I wouldn't make any posts until the season starts ...

Anyway, the first problem about the stats printed on many websites is that they are based on per game averages. That's all fine and dandy, but how fair is it to compare one guy to another when one guy plays 20 minutes a game and the other plays 35? So, I threw the stats on the UC website into a spreadsheet and quickly calculated some averages per 40 minutes, instead of per game.

Here's the spreadsheet from google docs

And here are the top 5 in a few categories (at least 200 total minutes)

Points per 40 minutes
Vaughn 17.6
Williamson 17.5
Sikes 12.9
McGowan 11.6
Gentry 11.5

Rebounds per 40
Williamson 9.5
McGowan 7.1
Sikes 6.8
Barwin 5.3
Warren 5.1

Steals minus turnovers per 40
Gentry -.11
Barwin -.67
Vaughn -.73
Warren -.78
Crowell -.96

That last "stat" I just made up. A positive number is of course better, as you want to have more steals than to's if possible. I figured that if you fault someone for making turnovers you also have to credit them for creating to's. A guard may have more opportunities for more to's, but he also has more opp's for steals, so it makes it somewhat equal between guards and big men. Anyway, take it with a grain of salt ...

It's pretty surprising how good Gentry was in that category, though. He averaged 1.8 TO and 1.7 steals per 40 minutes. He was the only Bearcat even close to an even 0. Also, check out his in conference numbers (1.7 steals, 1.4 to's) ... he actually improved against Big East teams. Actually, for some reason, most UC players improved in this category versus BE teams ... kinda strange. Gentry, though, is the only one to have a positive numbers.

I calculated effective field goal % (eFG%), explained here. The formula is (fg + .5*3P)/fga. It simply adjusts for the fact that a 3 pointer is worth one more point than a regular field goal. Here's the top 5:

Williamson 50%
Sikes 50%
Crowell 49%
McGowan 47%
Vaughn 45%

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